Creating a bespoke space for your community

You have a community you love, and you want to create a space just for them. But you wear a lot of hats. You're the CEO, the head marketer, and the HR manager. You don't have the time to be the web developer, too. Up until this point, you've made it work with a few templated tools you've stitched together: teachable, thinkific, kajabi and the like. But what you want is a unique home, built just for them.

That's where I come in...

With a therapist/developer

As a therapist and techie in one, I most love using technology to create healing spaces. I love supporting healers who are educating or mentoring others. Whether you're creating a training platform to teach therapists niche skills, creating a space for healers to get to be themselves, or working with the larger community. You have big goals to create impact, and I want to create a website with you that can grow as big as your dreams can.

My ultimate goal for our work together

While you're busy taking care of others, creating space for them to connect, learn, heal and grow, I want to take care of you. Although I'm doing all kinds of technical things in the background, my mission is to create rest for you. That may seem a bit strange, but it's my goal. Websites can up a lot of time and space to put and keep together. I want to take this hat from you, so you have more time to be with your community and ultimately, have time for yourself and your family.

So let me take care of the creating and the coding and caring for your site, so you can take care of you and your community.


Let's talk, and see if we're the right fit.

Are you ready to have a website custom-created for your community? Let's talk. When we work together, I want to be focused on you. Answering your questions. Making sure your project comes together as smoothly as possible. For that reason, I only take on a few projects per year, and I'm selective about how I work with.

If you feel like we might just be the perfect match, let's get started.  Fill out this form (all about you and your project), and I'll be in touch if it's a good fit, to set up a zoom meeting to talk more and answer your questions.