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"What To Do With Your Email List"

$7 Video Mini Course

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Learn what to do with your email list, plan out your email sequence for your list, and gain resources for your email funnel, in this mini course.

Have an email newsletter, and not sure why?

I'll show you what to do with it.

Email newsletters - and really any marketing tactic - are only useful when they serve a purpose for your business. They are great as ways to get more clients interested in working with you, helping potential customers purchase your product, or gain new referrals from local professionals. What's not helpful is a newsletter that's sole purpose is to provide "general updates" about your business. Let's get some clarity about your email list, and the marketing process you need to use to have your email list serve as a marketing tool for your practice or business. 


Take the "What to do with yoru email list" Mini Course

I'll show you:
  1. How to set a useful purpose for your list. 
    One that actually serves your business.
  2. How to draft a few emails for your email list, with interactive worksheets.
    I'll provide you with an interactive worksheet within the course, with templates you can use to create your emails. 
  3. Resources
    I'll share with you my favorite resources for creating emails, accepting emails, and designing free content. 
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Take the Mini Course for $7