Qualifying Clients to Find the Best Fit Clients

qualifying best fit clients for your private practice

Are You Investing Time Into No-Show Clients? Have you ever spent time talking to a client over the phone, getting your intake documents, notes, and your mindset ready to meet them, only to have them not show up? There is a sales technique that might help you avoid this from now on. This technique is…

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How To Write A Therapy About Page

therapy about page social media graphic

Do you know that feeling when someone you meet for the first time talks at length about themselves? When that happens, doesn’t everything within you beg to get out of that conversation? Many of us are making that same mistake with the therapy about page, and it’s driving our clients away just as strongly. We…

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How Narrowing Your Focus Brings In More Clients, Not Less

ideal client profiles for therapists

I get it. It makes logical sense that if you keep your door wide open, more people come in. But I’ve learned in practice, it doesn’t work that way. Narrowing your focus, through understanding and marketing to exactly who you want to work with is actually what brings in more people (both in and outside…

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Getting Started with SEO for Your Therapy Website

therapy website seo

First, What is SEO?  There are over 644 billion websites out there, and your therapy website is one of them. How do you get your site to rise above the pack? It’s a fact that most clients don’t go past the first page when they’re looking for a therapist. If your website doesn’t show up…

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